Testimonials - OfficeHelper

"I have found that OfficeHelper has become a critical part of my team especially in handling my administration and bookkeeping. It’s great to have everything in the one place and with the different skillsets in their office, they have you covered no matter what you need. They took the time to get to know my business and as they don’t need hand holding I have been able to concentrate on the important things."

Jonathan McDonnell, QFA

"Since using the services of OfficeHelper I noticed a decrease in no shows to my practice straight away. I’m no longer missing out on clients calls and the ladies in OfficeHelper are able to fill cancellations for me immediately. Not only do they answer my calls but they also type up letters and reports and it’s great to have everything under the one roof. Nothing is too big an issue for them to deal with and they have made by working days less stressful."

John Stacey, Physical Therapist

I have to say that the team at OfficeHelper are like an extension to my business and part of my team at Rescue Maintenance. Before using OfficeHelper I was behind with my sales invoicing and credit control was practically nonexistent. Dervilla and the team have turned this around for me and as they always go the extra mile they have become a trusted advisor. I cannot recommend OfficeHelper strongly enough and thank them sincerely for their contribution to my business. "

Tony McMahon, Rescue Maintenance