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The most important cog in any business is the employees and our highly professional team, who are accredited to the Irish Payroll Association, will ensure that your staff will get paid on time and that all compliance matters are adhered to.


We can provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll:

Payroll Set-up:

Setting up payroll on our Revenue compliant software to ensure payroll is compliant from the outset.

Payroll Calculations:

Dealing with all aspects of payroll calculation including taxes, pensions and BIK. Calculating redundancy and termination payments along with statutory benefits such as maternity and sickness pay

Provision of Payslips:

Emailing confidential password protected payslips to employees on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Payroll submissions to Revenue:

Ensuring that that payroll submission are made on ROS and complying with deadlines, making payments to revenue for tax, PRSI and USC and dealing with any corrections.

Employee Support:

Assisting with any employee queries regarding their pay.

Annual Leave:

Keeping track of employee annual leave and entitlements.

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